There's no question that the iPad is one of the most popular portable gadgets today. It's easy to bring along in your bag or your laptop case. It's convenient to bring the iPad due to the many accessories and apps that anyone can enjoy through the tablet that can help in many professional and personal uses.



The iPad is as useful as it is when it is used at home. There are many people who have been using the iPad as a replacement of the PC consoles and desktop computers among many others. There are certainly times when you just sit back at home and watch a movie through the iPad. This is especially true for those who don't have cable TV services and enjoy movies that are being watched on Netflix and other program viewing apps. While you're enjoying your Netflix movie, you likely don't want to keep on holding the iPad for hours. That's why you need iPad holders and mounts to support your iPad in its upright position while you watch Netflix movies, listen to music, and also do many other things.



For residential usage, one of the most popular designs is the tabletop mount. This makes sure that your iPad is secure on a tabletop or a countertop level. You can find several models within this specific design. Two of such iPad wall dock styles that are more popular are the easel type holder and the edge clamp holder. The easel style comes with a narrow base that can be used on a tabletop or a countertop. This can make your iPad safe and secure while allowing you more space on the table or counter. This can be useful when you're trying to view a recipe while you're cooking.



 It's also useful when you like to play music all around the house. The edge clamp holder is a bit more permanent since it needs to be secured at a table edge for it to be steady. This can still enable you to raise or lower the display screen of the iPad for you to enjoy the best viewing position. This is because of the clamp's more flexible support. This is for your home office which you like to have to an iPad in or if you prefer to watch movies while seated on your desk. These two styles of iPad wall mount are easy to set up and use. You simply have to insert the iPad in the holder and you can use it all the time.